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What is Mind Painters?

Mind painters challenges students to create strong and engaging pieces of writing. From short stories to poems to scripts, you’ll learn the visual and literary techniques you need for strong character development, compelling plot structure, and an overall enticing narrative.

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Creative Writing

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The Art of Storytelling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creative writing is simply the art of storytelling. It’s about using visual and literary techniques to create imaginary worlds, captivating characters and detailed plots to entice a reader. This can be in the form of narratives, poems, songs or even plays.


Creating Writing helps you  visualise and communicate stories more effectively. Since creative writing is a large component of schooling in all year levels, learning Creative Writing will give you the step up to take your stories to the next level.


Creative writing is for everyone! Our course is designed for students of all ages to participate in. 



Success Tutoring’s Creative Writing course starts at $100 per 3-hour session.


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